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Học phí trung bình: 300000 VND/ buổi
Ngày sinh: 08/07/1994

Course features:
You don’t know Vietnamese, pronunciation improvement or doing conversation with locals or business with Vietnamese suppliers. I offer conversation classes and these specialised courses:
 Basic Vietnamese level.
 Advanced Vietnamese level
 Vietnamese certification.
 Pronunciation improvement lessons.
 Conversation.
Teaching background.
I have experienced teaching for foreigners since 2019 until now. My students come from many countries around the world such as American, Korean, Swiss, Danish, Taiwanese, Indian …etc. I create Vietnamese lessons based on real life, mine experience with teaching in Vietnam. I want my students to be able to use Vietnamese in everyday life in Vietnam after a short time of studying. With me, I do not want my students only focus on grammar and depends on its so much. So I will help me can speak Vietnamese fluently by mine methods. Besides that, I provide Pronunciation course Communication course and developing 4 skills in Vietnamese certification.I love teaching and you will be happy, free atmosphere during our class. I love my students and treat them well. Thank you for visiting my profile. See you soon.

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